Looking Forward to Our New Baby Girl!

Erik's deadline for finding that great job!

January 5, 2010

What the Crazy Jensen's have been up to

We had a wonderful first Christmas with our little Atlee. We were able to go to Utah with family.
Last year we bought a house, Erik lost his job, and Atlee was born all in the same month. Erik got a job just a few months later. Which means we got to keep the house. Erik is working for VPS it's not his favorite, but it's a job. He is spending his nights studying so he can get back to school for is Masters in Realastate Development. Atlee is going to be one this month. She is such a ball of sunshine. Atlee was crawling at five months, and walking by eight. She is such a go getter! She can always make me laugh, I'm always so excited for her to wake up so we can laugh together. Her favorite animal is a elephant she is always running around the house making the elephant sound. As for me, I am having the time of my life. I get to stay home with Atlee, and I am so baby hungry. It's hard not to be because Atlee is such a good baby. We are talking about trying for another in a couple of months. When Atlee sleeps I spend time reading, and doing crafts.

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