Looking Forward to Our New Baby Girl!

Erik's deadline for finding that great job!

January 11, 2010

I have the world's best husband

A week before our anniversary I started asking Erik what we where going to do to celebrate our second anniversary. Our first anniversary I had a HUGE baby belly, and Erik had just lost his job, so as you can imagine we did not do much. Well this year was way different. Erik came home from work on Thursday and told me to have mine and Atlee's overnight bags packed. WHAT!? We had just gotten back from a wonderful Christmas vacation in Utah. I had not even unpacked us yet. Well Erik leaves me a message on Friday telling me that the Jensen car service will be arriving at our House at 4:30!! ha ha ha, I know he's silly. Erik shows up, and we drop Atlee off at Jetti's house. We then go to our favorite place to eat Macaroni Grill:) my mouth is watering just writing about it. After dinner we headed to Down Town Phoenix, man that place is amazing there are naked statues of dancers. The whole night Erik keeps telling me how glad he is I grabbed our pillow's cause we are going camping, and he forgot to pack them with all of our camping equipment. What? Camping for our second year anniversary? No No. I mean I love camping and all, and it would be way fun for a anniversary, but not for a surprise. You just can't spring a camping trip without telling a girl. Well don't worry we didn't go camping. We went to the Hyatt instead:) yep amazing husband I know!! We walked into the Hyatt and i looked at him and said "No way, you didn't." He said "nope sorry we are just cutting through ha ha ha, you should see your face." I have to say my heart sank a bit. Erik then says "lets go see if we can't go to the top and get a good view of Phoenix." ha ha ha yes that's right I walked all around the Hyatt lobby holding our pillows! You should have seen some of the looks we got. We get to the top floor and he leads me to a room... our room which was huge. We spent the rest of the evening walked around down town, and then he took me to see Avatar 3D. Which just became my new favorite movie. Oh man I want to be an Avatar!!

can you believe this place? it's huge
Our crazy huge room!!

Oh yeah we love 3D

Just playing around:)

Waiting for our movie to start

The beauty of Down Town... sorry we didn't get any pictures of the Naked statues.

January 6, 2010


Don't give up hope I am finally here blogging!! I just hope people are still checking this blog to see if we are alive. I know it’s asking a lot to ask seeing how it’s been two years of no blogging.


This year was Atlee's first Christmas. She was really busy!

Atlee helping me wrap gifts

Gift wrapping was one of Atlee's favorite pass times

Temple lights

Out of all those presents she got all she wanted to do was walk around in Grandma's shoes

oh and grandma's socks!

January 5, 2010

What the Crazy Jensen's have been up to

We had a wonderful first Christmas with our little Atlee. We were able to go to Utah with family.
Last year we bought a house, Erik lost his job, and Atlee was born all in the same month. Erik got a job just a few months later. Which means we got to keep the house. Erik is working for VPS it's not his favorite, but it's a job. He is spending his nights studying so he can get back to school for is Masters in Realastate Development. Atlee is going to be one this month. She is such a ball of sunshine. Atlee was crawling at five months, and walking by eight. She is such a go getter! She can always make me laugh, I'm always so excited for her to wake up so we can laugh together. Her favorite animal is a elephant she is always running around the house making the elephant sound. As for me, I am having the time of my life. I get to stay home with Atlee, and I am so baby hungry. It's hard not to be because Atlee is such a good baby. We are talking about trying for another in a couple of months. When Atlee sleeps I spend time reading, and doing crafts.