Looking Forward to Our New Baby Girl!

Erik's deadline for finding that great job!

September 3, 2008

Its a Girl!

Yeah!! This afternoon we got to see some great pictures of our DAUGHTER! We are so excited to bring this little girl into our home. The due date is February 1, 2009 so we have a little while still, but the last 18 weeks have gone by so fast. Now that we know its a girl Teresa is so ready to go shopping for everything. We already have one outfit for a baby girl that says, "My Daddy Loves Me." I'll be glad to wash it every night so that she can ware is everyday.

June 6, 2008

"Wii" are spoiled!

So for Mom's birthday we gave her Mario Kart for her Wii. In all of the price shopping and internet searching we decided that we wanted to play it too, but we live 600 miles away! That left us with only a few options. 1) Fly back home every weekend, 2)Make friends with a neighbor that has a Wii and use them for it everyday, or 3) Buy one for ourselves and save travel money and not make our neighbors hate us. We went with door number 3 even though Teresa really wants to fly home every weekend. So now we have a Wii and it is official - "Wii" Are Spoiled!

May 19, 2008

Magic Mountain!

We made our first trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain over the weekend and are so glad that we bought the season passes! We left early on Friday morning around 5:30am and arrived at the park at 11:30am. They only had the first parking lot open and it wasn't even full yet so we knew that there would be short lines, and boy were we right. Are longest wait wasn't even fifteen minutes, and some rides we walked right on twice. We took a break for lunch but were quickly back on the rides. With no lines we were able to get in a lot of rides and by 8:00pm we were ready to get off our feet.

We left the park and grabbed some burgers on the way to our hotel. The place was your typical $45 a night joint, but we were so tired that it didn't matter too much. The next morning I opened my birthday presents from Teresa and enjoyed the free continental breakfast. They had fresh waffels, cereal, toast, milk and juice. We decided that this was were they spent the majority of our $45.

We hurried to get to the park, but when we saw that our freeway offramp was backup a 1/4 mile our hopes of having short lines again quickly vanished as reality set in. We were able to ride a couple of rides that we had missed on Friday, but then we spent alomst 2 hours in line for Tatsu. We started to question our sanity as our wait in line passed the one hour mark, but as the ride was ending we decided that it was definitly worth the wait.

Knowing that we still had to drive back to Phoenix that night we suffered through the 100 plus degree temperature with no water rides. We just couldn't bring ourselves to get wet for the ride home. Around 3:30pm on Saturday we got back into the car for the next 7 hours, and finally made it home around 11:00pm. We had so much fun and are planning to make another trip as soon as we can.

April 27, 2008

Under Construction

We have finally started to build our blog! It has taken us a while to get it this far, but hopefully we can stay focused and continue to add great pictures and insights. So please don't mind our dust as we continue our construction. Thanks!