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April 27, 2008

Under Construction

We have finally started to build our blog! It has taken us a while to get it this far, but hopefully we can stay focused and continue to add great pictures and insights. So please don't mind our dust as we continue our construction. Thanks!


Scott and Leslie + 3 said...

Hey Cuz...it's about time you got one of these blogs! lol i don't have one either! It's womderful that I can keep up with you and Jets! Do you know it is snowing right now..of course you wouldn't because your in AZ right now! BRATS all of you!!! Hope all is well! Love, Leslie

Kylie Jo said...

Its about time! I'm sick of looking at a black page! Just kidding. I'm glad we get to keep in touch this way! Love you guys!

Timmy said...
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The Betitas said...

You guys are so fun and hilarious. We can't wait to see what kind of posts you come up with!