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April 13, 2010

Silly Silly Atlee

I Know Crazy Right!?

I just got some fabric for Atlee's New BIG Girl room. She loves hot pink and black. We have been going to some model homes and she hates leaving those hot pink rooms, but about has a heart attack every time she sees anything hot pink and black.

After we got home form the fabric store she would not put down her new
pink drapes, so I tied it around her. Needless to say she LOVED IT.

Atlee really enjoys her flowers... anytime she finds any around she asks me to put them in her hair. Well one day Jetti (Atlee's aunt) was over and Atlee was very giggly she started handing Jetti flower after flower.... so Jetti started clipping them on! My daughter is so silly:) We all ended up with the bad case if the giggles that day.

My silly Atlee...


Ben and Brittany said...

That is awesome! I wish Brooklyn would keep them in her hair...and I love the Easter dress, she looked so cute!

Aubrey said...

haha she is so silly! She looks like a flower herself! :)