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February 2, 2010

I can't have a one year old...

What the!? Atlee is one? What's going on? I am 21, ok I am almost 22, but still I have been married for two years? and I have a one year old? Me Teresa is growing up I guess.

We had a wonderful time!! We had some family over and a great lunch. Ok so it was more of a party for me, but Atlee had a great time too:) She got lots of presents.

ok not really the only thing we got for her was a new car seat. We ended up just re wrapping some of her Christmas presents she did not really play with at Christmas. We just put them away for a month. She can't get enough of them now!
She climbed all over her new big girl seat

I had so much fun making the cakes! I know Atlee is one and wont remember any of this, but I need some practice for the birthdays she will remember.

Yeah I know I am amazing.

Atlee was so funny with her cake.... it started with just picking a flower, then she dove in.

Atlee wanted everyone to taste the yummy cake.


Aubrey said...

IS she seriously 1 already?!? The cake looks amazing Teresa...you'll have to make one for Adelyn! Happy birthday Atlee!! :)

And good idea w/re-wrapping presents!

Lindsey said...

I love the cakes!! So cute. We all do the crazy first birthdays even though they wont remember but they will see pictures right and see how cute everything was.

Ben and Brittany said...

I cannot believe that she is already one, that is so exciting! I love her cake, it is cute!!!

Tisha and Mark said...

so cute! The cakes are darling. Keep us up to date while we are in Utah! :)

Kimi Jensen said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Ale and Emily said...

She is so cute! I cannot believe that I have never met her! Such a beautiful family!...and cake!

Brandon and Alyssa said...

Teresa! I cannot believe she is one!! She is super cute and is getting so big! The birthday cake looks so cute! How did you do that!?

Julie said...

ok, so I haven't looked at my blog for a very long time and just realized you asked for my help with the cakes...2 months too late! :) Sorry!!! But you did an amazing job!